Our shops need a lay-by

As you are probably aware, our row of excellent independent shops on Arbury Road (near the Milton road junction) are in desperate need of a lay-by for deliveries and their customers alike.  Shops on Milton Road have lay-bys but the problem here has been ignored by the council for years. Our local shops have continued serving the community throughout the pandemic and deserve better. Please write to the council and your councillors on their behalf supporting a lay by

Arbury Road East News – Spring 2021

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On Thursday 6 May, residents of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will go to the polls!

Check out Camcycle’s elections survey, which profiles what candidates standing in the elections are saying about cycling and walking issues. Use your vote to raise the profile of active travel on May 6th

Does your house shake?

Hating liveable neighbourhoods just to get a headline!

ARERA presses councillors and the police on speeding on Arbury Road

If you see anti-social driving report it directly to Cambs police using this link, with or without video evidence

  • https://www.cambs.police.uk/report/Vehicles

UK increase in cycling and walking must be nurtured, says minister

Our shops need a lay by

Modal filter debate on Cambridge 105 Radio

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ARERA presses local Councillors and police on Speeding on Arbury Road

At the North Area Committee Meeting on the 15th March ARERA presented data on Speeding

Data from a County Council Speed Camera which was installed on Arbury Road clearly shows that for a two-week measured period maximum traffic speed is consistently twice the speed limit e.g. 40mph instead of the 20mph limit. There are also at least five instances of traffic exceeding 60mph on Arbury Road

We asked what measures are the police pursuing to reduce gross speeding violations on Arbury Road and prevent another fatality?

And whether the committee would include Arbury road speeding on the ‘recommended local areas of concern’ list for the next reporting period of the Policing and Safer Neighbourhoods Agenda item?

The response from the police was that they now have more officers allocated to driving issues and more speed guns. They will look into the problems on Arbury Road

The response from the committee was that the initiative to tackle bad driving on Fen Road would be expanded to cover other main North Cambridge Roads including Arbury Road and it will therefore be included under the ‘local areas of concern’

ARERA asks the GCP when the cycle lane will be completed

The following question was asked at the Greater Cambridge Partnership Executive meeting on 17th March 2021

In relation to Agenda Item 7, City Access Strategy Recommendations, Part (b) ‘Agree to prioritise road space for sustainable transport and make it a more competitive choice, by discouraging car use through..’

It is very encouraging to see all the hard work going on through the GCP Agenda and Reports, but I would contest that Cambridge is the cycling city that people imagine but rather a car drivers city and the people who cycle do so despite the cars

For most days of the week the East end of Arbury Road is choked with idling traffic waiting to turn on to Milton Road

Now as my children return to school, two on bicycles and one on foot, one still affected by long Covid symptoms there is traffic queuing as far as the eye can see from my house, the road effectively blocked for cyclists.

We are being encouraged to take up active travel, but I worry about the quality of the air we breathe in, as well as the safety aspect. This is especially awful to see at school time, this road is heavily used for active travel by people of all ages. But at school times it is the parents with young children and babies in trailers, or the children and students themselves who must either sit in the traffic queue and breathe in the fumes, retreat to the pavement or get off and wheel their bikes

The abrupt ending of the protective cycle lane just after North Cambridge Academy does a disservice to all the people who ride bikes as a method of travel. It really says, ‘ok you’re on your own now, good luck!’

When will the Arbury Road cycle lanes be completed all the way down to Milton Road? It makes no sense as a safe cycling route otherwise and I have seen data to show that it is very heavily used by cyclists

Arbury Road East News – December

Arbury Road East News – December Arbury Road Baptist Church ‘A Message of Christmas hope’ Fen Road consultationNew GCP Waterbeach to Cambridge transport links consultation ———————————————————Arbury Road Baptist Church: ‘A Message of Christmas hope’Arbury Road Baptist Church will be sharing some ‘viral hope’ this Christmas and help people to celebrate Christmas in what will be a difficult time for many. The ‘Christmas isn’t Cancelled’ community video will be shown online and is accessible to all. You can access it through the website, arburyroadbaptist.org/christmashope, on Facebook or in your living room on a smart TV via the Arbury Road Baptist Church YouTube Channel.Fen Road consultation Submit your comments on the proposed development by Cambridge Investment Partnership on Fen Road. As part of their consultation with the local community they will be hosting a live webinar where the project team will present the proposals and the local community will have the opportunity to ask questions. The webinar will take place on Wednesday 16th December at 6pm.Find out more and register for the webinar below:https://yoursay.online/fen-roadNew Waterbeach to Cambridge transport linksThe Greater Cambridge Partnership is currently consulting on three of its four ‘corridor projects’, aiming to deliver better public transport and active travel routes by 2030. To the north of the city,the Waterbeach to Cambridge route is open for public consultation until 14 December.  Options include a new public transport route and an active travel.  Please provide your thoughts and comments on the GCP website.Waterbeach to cambridge consultation here:https://consultcambs.uk.engagementhq.com/w2c-consultation-2020All other consultations here:https://consultcambs.uk.engagementhq.comWishing you all a Merry Christmas,ARERA
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ARERA monitors the impact of Histon Road closure


Histon Road has been closed to inbound traffic while improvements are made with City Deal funding. The Greater Cambridge Partnership says that its project “aims to provide better bus, walking and cycling facilities for those travelling on this busy key route into Cambridge”, see https://www.greatercambridge.org.uk/transport/transport-projects/histon-road. Closures are expected to last for 12 months.

Traffic entering Cambridge from the Histon roundabout on the A14 is currently being signposted down Kings Hedges Road. ARERA had asked the GCP to prevent this diverted traffic from using Arbury Road since, before the onset of COVID, its staff had warned ARERA that the result of diversion was likely to be “carnage” for those of us who live, work or learn here. But no such signage has been put in place. Members of ARERA have been busy this week monitoring traffic on Kings Hedges and Arbury Roads so that we have evidence about how the diversion is affecting traffic flows on the two roads. Preliminary analysis shows that more traffic is using Arbury Road than Kings Hedges Road, including almost all cyclists and pedestrians. ARERA is sharing the collected data with our elected councillors and with the residents association for the Hurst Park Estate. HPERA are worried that the diversion will cause additional rat running via Leys Road. The collected data is being assembled to present to the GCP as part of our case for additional signage directing diverted traffic away from Arbury Road. Once the traffic data has been fully analysed, we will share our report with residents, businesses and schools on Arbury Road and with our elected councillors. Look out for further updates on the ARERA website.