Update about timing of Milestone/GCP meetings for local residents to raise issues about  the Milton Road improvement works

The GCP and Milestone have changed the date for their Drop-in meetings for local residents.

These will now be held on the first Monday of the month 11-12.30 at Milton Road Library.  

These meeting are an an easy opportunity for you to raise any issue you have about the Milton Road improvement works.

At the last meeting, Milestone agreed that they would:

  • provide some noticeboards to keep people informed about bus stops, road closures etc
  • improve the signage for pedestrians and cyclists on the Elizabeth Way access to Oak Tree Avenue

While vehicle access from Milton Road is limited by their works, please note that there is a passageway between Union Lane and Oak Tree Ave which joins the latter at the right-angle corner and enables safe pedestrian access to Milton Road via a safe crossing point.