Judgement published on proposed new zebra crossing on Arbury Road east.

The summary report by the County Council’s Highways Officer who examined the feasibility of the proposed new zebra crossing for Arbury Road east has been released as an agenda paper for the Council meeting which will decide whether it should go ahead.

This meeting will now be held on the 25th of July.

Applications for funding are rated using a traffic light system.

Against all bar one of the reporting criteria the application for the zebra crossing has been rated as amber.

Against ‘deliverability’, it has been rated as red.

These ratings make it appear highly unlikely that the zebra crossing will be funded.

This is reinforced by the very high cost that the County Council has attached to providing a ‘raised’ crossing, as advised to ARERA by Camcycle.

The summary report to the committee is incorrect when it says that the introduction of a modal filter on Arbury Road east lacked support from local residents.

Our 2019-20 survey showed that this was not the case.

The summary report does, however, keep alive the hope that the County Council may yet deliver a “Future phase of cycle route improvements” on Arbury Road east.