You can help Arbury Road get the attention it deserves! Respond to ‘LCWIP’ for better walking and cycling provision by 13th July!

Pin your own comments to the online map of Cambridge roads- See below for more details


Fill in the 18 question survey – it’s very straightforward- click here for what to do


The Cambridgeshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) forms part of the Government’s aim to make walking and cycling the natural choice for all short journeys or as part of a longer journey. The Department for Transport recommended that all local authorities should develop LCWIPs and have advised that those authorities with plans will be well placed to bid for future funding

Pin your own comments to the online map – click the link below:

You can read what other people have said and add your own comment as a ‘pin’

Describe your own experience of the ‘safety’ of Arbury Road as a cyclist or a pedestrian


LCWIP- Do the online questionnaire

Support Arbury Road to get extra funding under the Cambridgeshire Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan consultation (LCWIP)

You can help Arbury Road get the attention it so desperately needs by filling in the online questionnaire

Here’s what to do – fill in and submit the survey by 13 July

The survey has 18 questions. But you don’t have to fill them all in to submit your views. You only need to complete the ones that matter to you.

The survey can be found here:

Take a look at the accompanying materials especially at the Cycle Map (in Appendix 1) and the walking map (in Appendix 4) of the LCWI Plan. You can find the Plan here. If you don’t have time, the main thing to know is that Arbury Road East is identified as a walking and cycling route for improvement under the LCWIP scheme. But for this improvement to be given priority, it is important to show our support.

If you want any guidance on what to say, our position is as follows:

Q1 ‘strongly support’ as Arbury Road is identified as a joint walking and cycling route

Q2 ‘strongly agree’ on the Cambridge line- no need to fill in all lines eg for other areas

Q3 use the box provided to emphasise that Arbury Road is an important cycle link down to the river and up to Arbury, Kings Hedges and Histon in the other direction and also for students and children going school by active travel

Q4 ‘strongly agree’ as Arbury Road is identified as a walking route

Q5 use the box provided to emphasise that Arbury Road is an important walking link to local amenities (shops, vet,church,school, library, doctors, dentist, community centre) as well as a walking link to town and the river, Arbury and Kings Hedges

Q6 use the box provided to describe how you think the current situation on Arbury Road discriminates against the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and parents with young children. For example, the effect of a dangerous road forcing cyclists onto the pavement. Also difficulty in crossing the road and pollution due to congested traffic having a disproportionate effect on vulnerable groups.

Q7 voice your support for improvements to Arbury Road again highlighting the current dangers

Q8 Please feel free to upload any photos you have as evidence of the dangers of Arbury Road

Q9- Q18 Please complete as appropriate to your individual circumstances


Please continue to push for improvements to our road!

Encourage friends and family to respond to the survey too!!