GCP Making Connections Consultation

It’s not too late to make your response to the latest GCP consultation – the one which many people think is just about the congestion charge proposals, but is really about improving the way we all live and work together.

The deadline is midday on 23 December.

The attached link will take you to a guide to the consultation provided by the Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance


Whatever you think about the proposals it is really important to have your say.  Alternative suggestions to the congestion charge will be welcomed, as will your views on buses, cycling, walking, pollution hot spots etc.  This really is your chance to make your views known!

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Please make sure that your voice gets heard.

ARERA Committee

Make sure your voice gets heard

There are two current developments in Cambridge that you might want to give the Greater Cambridge Partnership your views about:

1. locally, the improvement works on Milton Road, especially the closure of Union Lane.

2. across the city as a whole, the congestion charging and sustainable transport

Union Lane closure

If you are a cyclist or a pedestrian and you use Union Lane regularly, why not email the GCP to say how the recent/current closure of Union Lane to through motor traffic has affected your experience of using that road.  You can stress what an important part of the recommended cycle route from Orchard Park to Newmarket Road and Riverside both Union Lane and Arbury Road are. 

Contact the GCP on contactus@greatercambridge.org.uk

Congestion Charging and all that

You may be interested in the Greater Cambridge Partnership’s current consultation on sustainable travel.  Congestion charging is the big headline issue for the local press, but before that can be properly settled the GCP wants to know how people feel about the best ways to achieve sustainable travel in Cambridge which will enable the city to reduce pollution, improve our carbon footprint and encourage a more healthy lifestyle for all.  To participate in this consultation visit www.greatercambridge.org.uk/mc-2022.  The GCP is trying to future proof the city centre in light of the enormous expansion of the city which is currently under way.  We cannot continue as we are.  We need vastly improved public transport and streets that are pleasant to be in which will benefit commuters, residents and tourists alike!

Camcycle provides help and advice on how to fill in the consultation and press for improved cycling facilities.  https://www.camcycle.org.uk/blog/2022/08/what-is-the-cambridge-sustainable-travel-zone/

Consultation under the heading ‘Making Connections; a city access publication Consolation’ is open until midday 23 December on www.greatercambridge.org.uk/mc-2022.

If not now, then when?

The Cambridge Sustainable Alliance is also encouraging people to respond to the GCP consultation.

Cambridgeshire Sustainable Travel Alliance has been founded by three organisations – Cambridge Living Streets, Camcycle and Cambridge Area Bus Users – which campaign for better walking, cycling and public transport respectively.
It states that is aim is to ’unite and inspire people in Cambridgeshire working for a transport network that protects our future and offers genuine choice’, see https://cambstravelalliance.org/