COVID-19 virus measures: Supporting your neighbours

Dear Neighbour

We have been thinking about how we can support and care for each other should we need to stay indoors in the coming weeks and months.

Please contact us if you intend to self-isolate or have a neighbour who may need to and think we may be able to support you e.g. with collecting and delivering shopping or prescriptions, or a friendly front garden chat or telephone call.

Likewise, please contact us ( if you are someone who would like to offer help.

Events are changing fast and this is a worrying time for many people, but we believe we will be a stronger community if we all work together.

Local shops that are delivering has a full list of local shops that deliver.

Some of the local ones are:

Radmore farm shop

What: Fruit, veg, meat and other provisions like fuel

Victoria Avenue Cambridge
Tel: 01223 361 155
They usually have two deliveries a week but at the moment deliveries are booked up until the end of March

Les Ward

What: Greengrocers

Arbury Court
Tel: 01223 353 799 do deliveries

Cam Home & Garden

What: Gardening, cleaning, cookware, DIY

Milton Road
Call Robin on 07845 964 013 after 10am
To join the mailing list for stock and delivery please email

Priority deliveries are of food, vegetable plants and seeds, beer and jam making goods and essential cleaning and sanitising products
Other coronavirus-related services being offered by Cambridge shops, through

Cambridge Quality Meats

What: Butchers
1a Arbury Rd, Cambridge CB4 2JB
Monday: 6am -1pm
Tuesday 6am – 3pm
Wednesday 6am- 3pm
Thursday 6am- 3pm
Friday 6am- 3pm

Tel: 01223 352 853

All local shops

Again, please see has a full list of local shops that deliver.

With best wishes
ARERA team

UK Councils to enforce temporary road closures

UK Councils to enforce temporary road closures:

We haven’t seen or heard anything about this here in Cambridge, but Arbury Road is the perfect candidate with two schools on the road

Sign our petition for safer walking and cycling on Arbury Road East during the COVID-19 lockdown and into the future 

Sign our petition for safer walking and cycling on Arbury Road East during the COVID-19 and into the future

Our recent survey demonstrated how much our community was concerned with levels of traffic on Arbury Road East and particularly the consequent safety concerns due to traffic volume, speeding traffic, and pollution.

* 95% of you wanted action now due to serious safety concerns and pollution.

* 87% of you supported filtering the road to prevent through commuter traffic (whilst still allowing access for residents, taxis, deliveries, emergency vehicles and business users).

Now, since the current COVID-19 crisis began, the speeding problem has got much worse and made it even riskier for people walking and cycling here. We are trying to do our part to protect the NHS and keep a safe 2m physical distance from each other while walking to the shops or for daily exercise, but this is becoming increasingly difficult.

The pavements are too narrow and the road is often too dangerous because of the high-speed motor traffic passing through.

Our community needs more space to walk and cycle safely, while respecting physical distancing guidelines. Filtering is a solution that will open up more community space, stop the speeding through-traffic and protect key workers who are cycling on Arbury Road, all while ensuring that everyone’s essential services are accessible by any transport mode.

Many other parts of the country are working on ways to make their streets safer to help people who are making essential journeys on foot or bike. It makes a lot of sense and we need to get started before the problem gets any worse.

Let’s work together to ensure safe walking and cycling on Arbury Road East during the COVID-19 lock down and into the future.

Please support our proposal to filter Arbury Road by signing this petition 

Please share this with your neighbours

Thank you!