Inaugural meeting

Arbury Road East Residents’ Association Inaugural Meeting

Baptist Church, Arbury Road, Cambridge

9th of December 7 – 9 pm

You are invited to a meeting where we propose to formally set up the Arbury Road East Residents’ Association. We suggest that the Residents’ Association (RA) will, once up and running, discuss improvements to the quality of life on the street -parking, conditions of pavement and road, and any other issues of concern to our residents, including social events.

At the meeting on the 9th, a constitution will be put forward for adoption (or amendment). It will also be important to elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary. We would be grateful for volunteers for these roles. If you would like to put yourself up for election to one of these roles or want to put someone forward for a role (with their permission), please let us know in advance. We are also interested in residents who could support the RA with IT, cycling schemes, creating promotional material, producing a newsletter or act to represent local businesses.

The viability of our RA will depend on how many of us are willing to be active in it. We suggest that we jointly act to cover each other in these roles through team work!

It is suggested that membership of the RA will be open to people living on Arbury Road East (from the North Cambridge Academy to Milton road), including those who live in cul de sacs opening on to it (Twickenham Court, Marfield Court, Havensfield, Austin Court and Maio Road) or run businesses on it.

We welcome as many people as possible!

Update 12th Jan 2020: the meeting has taken place, see the minutes.