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The Secret To Faster Media Sharing On Twitter
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Today, Twitter has a streamlined, simple homepage that appeals to all ages and is easy to use. To promote store openings Warby Parker chooses to post unedited group shots of the team taken on location, rather than a stylized pic captured by a fancy photographer. Responding to comments like these ensures followers that neither kudos nor complaints fall on deaf ears. Check out the rest of this post on the Warby Parker blog.



Alternatively, it could be used to tag relevant celebrities, competition winners, or other profiles under your brand umbrella. For help creating images, we recently compiled a list of 12 free tools to help you create stunning visual content. Here's how we've used image tagging to alert people about a Tweet which features content they were featured in. A Twitter Chat is a hotbed of people interested in a particular niche, so find one that aligns with the audience you’re aiming for and join in. You’re not there to sell - that’s a quick way to be ignored and shunned - but you can look at who is chatting and pinpoint high quality prospects to start a relationship with. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with people via helpful comments and casual interactions.



It was clear that Odeo was dead in the water, but instead of closing up shop and heading their separate ways, Williams and Glass encouraged employees to pitch new ideas. Jack Dorsey thought it would be great to have a website where people could share status updates. There’s nothing better than when a brand encourages fans to post content for a campaign and then actually uses some of that material on their social channels and blog. Facebook’s decrease in popularity doesn’t deter this brand from posting often or having an active presence. The likes and shares the brand receives on Facebook stand as a tall testimony to reaping the benefits of a well-crafted content strategy.



When someone searches for something specific like "industrial manufacturing" or "hr technology," your content could potentially show up high on the results page. Also, tweets can contain keywords which are often picked up by Google’s algorithms. Read more about buy followers on twitter here. Don’t forget to dive into your Twitter analytics tools regularly so you know how you measure up. Consistently connect with people, learn from them and ultimately, convert them into leads.



For the location field, if your company has multiple branches, select the location of your headquarters. Upload your cover photo and other business information. You have a few more items to provide before your profile is complete.Create a cover photo.



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